From Mom to Minister

“Ministry is big; I mean when you screw up in ministry, you can screw up really big time,” said Tina Zimmerman, Chaplain at Chelsea Retirement Community.

“This is people’s relationship with God. This is their faith. I just wasn’t smart enough. I wasn’t holy enough. I wasn’t good enough to do that.”

Tina shares her story of transitioning from a stay-at-home mom of 22 years, on the verge of an empty nest and panicking about her next step, to pursuing a clear calling in ministry and becoming an ordained minister. In her recording, Tina beautifully illustrates an incident, late one summer night, that changes her life and makes her confident in her calling.

Tina’s story was broadcasted on The Moth Radio Hour, a PRX broadcast that airs on over 400 stations nationwide.

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