A ‘GRAND’ Blessing

As we mature, we reflect on life. The memories of our childhood, our timeline of significant events. Treasuring the creation of these special moments more and more. Not everyone has an opportunity to get to know their family lineage, or bond with a grandparent; however, when possible, there is something special about bringing together grandparents and grandchildren that can have a significant impact on both generations.

As a grandchild, there’s something about hearing stories of yesteryear from our grandparents that can be fascinating. Learning about our heritage, hearing the funny stories of what our own parents used to do when they were small children, the stories that we, most likely, will never fully grasp; our imagination that is sparked by their words spoken.

At all our UMRC locations, we celebrate the bond that exists between grandparents and grandchildren with special events outside of the everyday visits. The activities that put that special spark in the eyes of everyone involved by working together and creating something special. These will be remembered for a lifetime: to engage, enrich, and inspire.

As we near National Grandparents’ Day on September 10th, 2017, please remember to take a moment to appreciate the many blessings that your grandparent brings to you!