For Sharon, PACE Represents a Support Network

“Before coming to PACE, I wasn’t getting out of the house as much or socializing with other people. There was less interaction with the community and other people. As someone who loves meeting people, it was hard for me to be more isolated.

I was born and raised in Michigan and used to travel a lot when I was younger. I spent most summers up north Michigan with family in the country. I really consider myself a homebody. I love Michigan and the outdoors. This is my home, and PACE is my home. I am the oldest sibling of six and really love art even though I am not particularly good at it. It is still fun for me.

I also love being an Ambassador! I offer hospitality and welcome to new participants at PACE. Everyone who enrolls in PACE has a Participant Ambassador to help them adjust to a new program. Everyone is welcome here! Come try it out!”

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