Julia Szuper, Executive Director, Thome Rivertown Neighborhood Assisted Living A Passon for Serving Older Adults

Even during her first career as a customer service representative with Northwest Airlines, Julia Szuper’s favorite part of her job was working with older adults. Upon retiring from the airline, this mother of three decided to pursue her passion and completed her bachelor’s degree in gerontology at Madonna University in 2014. Since then, Julia has cared for older adults as the Executive Director for UMRC’s Thome Rivertown Neighborhood Assisted Living Center in Detroit.

“I like seeing the direct result of my love for older adults that positively impacts their daily life,” says Julia, whose grandmother lived with Alzheimer’s disease. She remembers how her family struggled to find the support services her grandmother needed. “I especially love being able to help the families of our Rivertown residents and to be able to answer their questions,” says Julia.

Julia also provides care and love for older adults through her gifts to the UMRC Foundation Payroll Deduction program. She says she appreciates the Foundation’s work to provide competitive Staff Scholarships to UMRC employees. “As an adult learner, I understand the importance of education in helping someone reach their career goals. By supporting UMRC employees, we also support the organization. I have a high level of pride in being a member of the UMRC team.”