Moriah Gumbert Puts Staff Scholarship to Work

Moriah Gumbert says she’s always been a “rule follower.” That’s why her role as the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) Compliance Coordinator at Thome PACE in Jackson is perfect for her. Moriah prepares documentation for each participant, keeps track of reporting and assessments, and ensures that all regulations are met for state and federal audits. “Some people see audits as negative,” says Moriah. “But I see them as an opportunity to represent all the good we are doing at Thome PACE and to ensure that we are the best organization we can be.”

“With the complexity of PACE regulatory requirements, an organized rule-follower is needed to keep everyone on track and in compliance. Moriah shows determination and drive and is a fabulous asset to the Thome Team!” says Thome PACE Executive Director Susan Decker.

Married with a two-year-old son, Moriah is also working toward her bachelor’s degree in health care management and health sciences. A Staff Scholarship from the UMRC Foundation is helping her make this goal a reality. “I believe in a lifelong learning and this scholarship is helping me get there. It allows me so focus on the day-to-day and not stress about how to pay for it. I am taking advantage of what I’m learning now in my work at Thome PACE. What an amazing opportunity that supports team members and reflects the care of the organization!”

Moriah gives back to the UMRC Foundation through her payroll deduction gifts. “I love the work that Thome PACE is doing and the great support it provides to older adults in the community.”