Words of Wisdom from Wise Women

Sandy, Judy and Elaine offer their wisdom—over 210 years between the three of them—to everyone, in nearly every stage of life. In what stage are you?



Sandy- Don’t rush into things. Life is long; go slow!
Judy- Go to school, get a good job, and work hard.
Elaine- Don’t jump into anything before thinking it through first. Think, then act.



Sandy- Be wise, and take advice from your parents. I know it’s hard, but they’ve already been through your stage of life, and they have perspective.
Judy- Consider if you are ready for children yet. It’s a good time to begin a family!
Elaine- Don’t go into debt. I know it’s hard, but you can save up instead. Actually, this is good advice at any age!



Sandy- Stand behind your kids the whole way! Support them no matter what, and love them completely.
Judy- Your kids (if you have any) may be thinking of college, but you need to make sure you start planning for retirement—it comes faster than you think!
Elaine- Stop and smell the roses—enjoy your life!



Sandy- Make sure your money is in order and your priorities are straight. Also, make sure you’re looking into retirement.
Judy- You might be an empty nester now, but it’s okay! You don’t have to plan for everything in life. Take a trip; travel the world!
Elaine- Save money—if you haven’t already.



Sandy- Do the things you want to do. Don’t give up on your dreams! Even when you retire, you just have more time to focus on them.
Judy- Spend time with your kids, grandkids and family. Host parties, holidays, Christmas, etc.
Elaine-  Enjoy time with your kids and grandkids!



Sandy-  Don’t neglect your health! You’ll want to have good health to keep doing the things you love.
Judy- Love and enjoy other people. Learn from others, make new friends, and develop real companionship.
Elaine- Get close to God and enjoy every moment you have. You never can tell when it will be your last.


Anyone at Any Age

Sandy- Try to be a good sister, brother, parent, and friend. Be close to your family, and love them dearly.
Judy- Go to church. That’s where you find true comfort, peace and friendships.
Elaine- Make a point of getting closer to God and actually getting to know Him.