“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.”


It’s a midlife conundrum that’s becoming increasingly common: The kids are in school, and you’re not exactly sure which direction to go. Enter the second career. This career can offer a chance to pursue a lifelong passion, and build a career for yourself.


Where do I begin?

The only person who knows what you TRULY enjoy, is you. To find your direction, you should do your homework.  Visit your local Chamber website for job postings, or talk to others in your community about prospective employers that fit your professional goals.  There are multiple sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, social media, or other online resources right at your fingertips as well.


Education & Earnings

Depending on where your passion lies, there are companies that will pay you while you’re training. Many people struggle with balancing life, work, and the cost of continuing education, but don’t despair, there ARE opportunities out there for you, you just need to find the companies that invest in their employees. For example:


CAREER: Certified Nursing Assistant (CENA)


WHO: United Methodist Retirement Communities – Chelsea Retirement Community


LINK: Job Postings at UMRC


UMRC/Chelsea Retirement Community recently launched a pilot career program entitled: Caregiver Pathway Program. Within this program, participants can take the necessary training courses to become a CENA, through local colleges such as Washtenaw & Jackson College, paid a competitive hourly wage, AND, the entire program from start through completion of the certification is all paid for by UMRC.  With limited space, this type of paid program is sure to be unique among second-career candidates.


Bottom Line: Being successful at whatever you choose means taking the time to find your passion. If you’re passionate about your work, it will come across to everyone around you and help you fill your life with meaning. One way to help find your career passion is to give yourself a time out for personal reflection and exploration and to take advantage of opportunities such as these when they arise.