Celebrate All Things Beautiful


Live Well. Work Well. Live United

As we age, we grow. We learn things about ourselves, take more chances, and remember our three options: Look at the glass half-empty, half-full, or refillable.  Our purpose in life becomes more clear, and we don’t waste time on frivolous things. It’s time to celebrate all things beautiful.

Living Well

Today, let’s define living well as CHOOSING to live well in our minds, bodies, and souls. Applying changes to our lives that makes us proud of ourselves.  Goals that have been set and exceeded or simple things that show we’re making that effort to better ourselves or create new opportunities. Our mindset is key to living well.  Bringing positivity to each situation we encounter can clear the mind of worry and unnecessary stress.

“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.” ~Voltaire

Working Well

When entering the work force, you should first ask yourself: “I have this gift, now how can I best apply it?” Maybe you already are working your dream job, but if you’re not a change may be in store. Change is not always difficult, it can be exciting! Changing careers or starting a new chapter offers us an invigorating feeling and can give us new found purpose.

The follow-up to Living well is Working WELL. If you’re unsure of your path and are ready for a new path and positive environment that allows you to work WELL, there are organizations such as UMRC that support their employees through grant funded training programs, scholarships for continuing education, emergency aid and much more, all in a supportive environment.


So, what does Living Well, Working Well, and Living United have to do with me?

Summer is in the air, let’s choose to live well, let’s choose to spread our gifts through our work and celebrate all things beautiful.

To live UNITED, we, at UMRC, continually strive to combine these three staples in our culture. Our residents, our staff, and our affiliates work in unison to bring one another joy by working together and teaming up in our efforts to live well, work well, and above all else, live UNITED by honoring our mission to grow and to serve at all of our campuses and community partner locations.