Our Pets – How they bring out the best in us

Syreta Earl, originally from Stockbridge, MI., was the first person to move into the Prairie Cottages independent living homes on the campus of Chelsea Retirement Community (CRC). She has lived many places throughout her life with her late husband’s career taking them all over the United States. In March 2017, she chose to make the move to the Prairie Cottages at CRC with Louie and Lucy, her adorable Yorkshire Terriers, and has enjoyed every moment in her new home with her furry companions.

As we sit in her beautiful sunroom, painted her favorite color of sunny yellow, she smiles and shares stories of her life and the love she has for her pets. She laughs when she shares stories of these two, who happen to be brother and sister, and how they grapple over food as Lucy savors each morsel slowly and gracefully, then walks by and teases her brother with her plentiful bowl (especially since he has gobbled up his food without hesitation and none remains).

Around 10 years ago, Syreta and her late husband found these two cuties in Charlotte, MI., and instantly fell in love. Syreta wanted a little girl, and he wanted a little boy, so, they compromised and agreed to go with both!

Both Lucy and Louie have been her companions throughout several changes in her life these past 10 years. They are the first to greet her when she arrives home, and have filled “a big hole in her heart” since her late husband passed away.

She enjoys taking them for walks every day and has been greeted on the cul-de-sac by strangers and staff. In fact, she is quite the “legend,” as she’s the first resident to move into the Prairie Cottages. She has quickly acquainted herself with her surroundings and introduces these adorable fur babies to everyone she meets in the neighborhood. The neighbors and staff, of course, are delighted and willing to accept “kisses” from these two loving dogs.

When I asked Syreta what she would share with people about being a dog owner, she replied: “Lucy and Louie not only bring me joy, but it makes me happy to see others happy and smiling – even those who don’t have a dog. Having them in my life gives me company, and I certainly don’t get as lonely. Everyone should have a pet!”