Focus on Faith: Spiritual Wellness

Chaplain Lois McCullen Parr, Spiritual Life – CRC and Huron Valley PACE

One of my teachers proclaimed that God’s revelations don’t stop with “The Revelation of John.” God continues to be revealed in our lives – in moments, words, and action. UMRC bears out this truth: participants and residents I work with from Huron Valley PACE and Chelsea Retirement Community reveal God in their laughter, tears, prayer, conversation, witness, and song! Their lives reflect God’s image.

With UMRC’s mission to “promote wellness,” I’m grateful the Spiritual Life team has the privilege to attend to “spiritual wellness.” With every visit to say hello and offer a word of scripture or prayer, I’m given the gift of the testimony that others offer me – so often I hear that people feel held by God, that God is present in the care and love they’ve received, that God has led them to shape justice and love in the community. Gratitude begets healing and wholeness; witnessing the healing of body and soul together, in turn, brings gratitude – in these moments we experience the ongoing revelation of God’s purpose and presence. This, too, is “living well” at UMRC!