Meet our Healthcare Heroes: Stacey Syrek, LPN

Stacy Syrek, LPN, has been a nurse at Kresge Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center for nearly 20 years.  “I know how important it is to provide continuity of care and to be that familiar face for our residents,” says Stacey. “Building relationships and having that rapport with older adults and their families is all that matters.”

While COVID-19 is creating unprecedented challenges, especially for older adults and their families, Stacey offers these words of assurance:  As the world shuts down, we as healthcare have to step up!! I’m personally not afraid of this virus! I’m scared to death for ALL my sweet, loving, elderly residents that I care for, those with weak immune systems, and families. I know it’s so hard not to be able to see them or visit! I understand the situation, but I just want the families to know I will do my best to keep their loved ones safe.”

Stacey lives in Jackson with her husband, who is a firefighter, and their three children. When she’s not at Kresge, Stacey is an active volunteer at her daughters’ school.